Moas/Toys exhibition



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  1. Terry Miles Says:

    4000 NYC STREET ARTISTS DO NEW MAJOR GLOBAL STREET & URBAN ART PROJECT: The world’s largest single collaborative artwork in in the 21st century, 4000 plus street artists in NYC, 1000s world wide, 27 countries, 67 cities, 2 art interviews published, NOW. INDIA galleries now promoting to Indian street artists.

    MAKE PEACE PROJECT NEW SYMBOL: 100,000 SYMBOL WALLS, street artists using new proactive make peace symbol upcoming art exhibitions, already getting major press.


    MIGHT BE GREAT TO DO FOLLOW UP EXHIBIT AFTER NYC, the rate of street and grafitti artist joining us is about 6,000 within in next week or so..Project is going global.
    Create orginal artworks STREET ART & Graffitti using the NEW make peace symbol As seen on the facebook page or below, tell other artists about the project, and have them do the same. Then send in 12 by 12 inch square for NYC art exhibit in Sept. and or 8 by 11 images (landscape) of any art posted on a wall in your city, town or country, with name of artist. Simple, to spread new make peace symbol Only is our goal all over world. Have 4000 artists in NYC now, India 4500 so far in 3 weeks since start.

    Exhibit facebook page:

    Mian facebook project page:

    Thank you AimSSB crew NYC

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